Our mission

To facilitate and support the settlement of refugee families in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. To show compassion and solidarity at a time of crisis and to welcome those in need into Australia.

Who we are

We are a grassroots registered charity founded in 2015 by Michael Aitken of St Stephens Anglican Church Belrose, set up in response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. We have facilitated the settlement of 9 families into the Northern Beaches. These families are mostly Syrians of Armenian ethnicity who were displaced from the cities of Aleppo and Homs in Syria.

How we help

We offer a range of services to refugee families including:

  • Assisting with finding affordable accommodation
  • Connecting to employment opportunities
  • Liaising with government services
  • Facilitating social and cultural integration


Through the dedication and hard work of all our volunteers we have recently been recognised by the government and are proud to have received a ‘Notion of Motion’ which was shared in parliament.

Notice of Motion 2017